✨ Key Highlights

IWasHere.one is a Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) Framework for the Harmony chain, with multiple applications, including:

  • Issue POAPs for events and Harmony DAOs.
  • Claim POAPs.
  • Digital Identity: display and share your badges.
  • POAP Explorer: on-chain analytics for snapshots, airdrops, hiring, etc. See the growing world of POAPs and find synergies between people.

We believe we can create an innovative, fun, professional POAP experience directly on Harmony, one of the leading chains for DAO formation and innovative dApps.

⚡ Why AktaryTech?

AktaryTech is a professional Web3 and dApp development agency. We’ve built a talented team, put in-place the best software practices, and committed ourselves to quality and code safety. We’ve helped clients launch automated trading bots, DeFi yield aggregators, lending protocols, developer education tools, on-chain games, and NFT marketplaces. Our skills in the entire Web3 stack are growing with every new project.

Every member of our team is passionate about Web3, participating in ongoing education, conferences, and meetups. POAPs are a big part of this, and Harmony with its immense DAO ecosystem, events and ambitions, is poised to be a leader.

We’re based in Austin, Texas, with remote employees around the U.S., and actively hiring new developers. We’ve recently put a bigger focus on marketing, with new hires and a potential marketing-related acquisition balance our development skills with abilities to find product-market fit (or in Web3, ecosystem-organism fit).

GitHub: AktaryTech’s IWasHere Repositories

Twitter: Twitter.com/AktaryTech (tbd - I.W.H. will have its own)

🛒 Tokenomics and Marketplace

To be determined whether IWasHere.one could create sustaining value in a token launch. If it helps sustain the development while providing utility and governance, then fungible and non-fungible tokens available in exchanged and marketplaces may be an option as well.

🌱 Revenue Model for Sustainability

POAPs are free to create, issue and claim for small events. POAPs that require large events, large DAO giveways, etc. will pay for our premium version. Mechanism of freemium may be more Web3 based, as in staking a governance token.

We will create this decentralized protocol for Harmony, and we also believe it can be a sustainable business. Many POAP relevant metrics in Web3 are growing including conference attendance, hackathons, DAO meetings, developer education seminars, and more.

The POAP Explorer will be an advanced NFT Explorer with the goal of finding individuals and communities that have synergies together. This is DAO-tooling that can be used to find contributors and developers to grow their own ecosystem.